Tom Hegna NAIFA Message

Andy Dzurinko
26 days agoMay 1, 2017
Tom, Thanks. Yes all advisors should be a member.
Bob Hartman
26 days agoMay 1, 2017
Agree 100%. Don't know how you could be in our profession and not belong to NAIFA
Dwight Loeffler
26 days agoMay 1, 2017
Thanks Tom well said
Mike Nitchen
26 days agoMay 1, 2017
The reality is....every time a bill is introduced to congress, you and I do not have the time, energy and resources to hop on a plane and fly to Washington to fight on behalf of our industry, and most importantly, our clients. NAIFA does that for us!
Maria Frisby
26 days agoMay 2, 2017
I agree on every single thing you said.  Thank you so much.
Rich Winters
25 days agoMay 2, 2017
If I hadn't joined I wouldn't know YOU Tom!  Thanks for doing what you do!!
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